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Meditation, Playfulness & Learning

We wouldlove to offer workshop to develop relaxed awareness  and playfullness while learning and teaching. Also to develop easy and joyful relating amongst students and teachers, using Osho's vision.

Our mainpurpose is to connect with students and teachers who are the mainpillars of the Nation and the World. Also to bring body-mind awareness using Osho's vision so that each student is whole and healthy and to prepare the teachers who have a main role to support the students to grow in all dimensions of life.

Workshopwill be addressed to the Teachers & Students

The Facilitator for the Workshop:

  Sw.Antar Khirad

- StudiedYoga in depth at Bihar School of Yoga & Swami Janardhan YogaSchool, Nagpur.
- StudiedSacred art of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage from Master Kusum Modak.
- Facilitatorfor Osho Mystic rose, Osho Born Again and Osho No Mind.
- Facilitatorof Osho Meditation camps all over the world.

Contact Us to arrange workshop:

Ma Prem Aloka