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A new man is emerging. The image of the new man is not yet clear, but the horizon is becoming red and the sun will soon be there. The morning mist is there and the image of the new man is vague, but still a few things are very crystal clear about the new man.

A great revolution is on the way. It will be far more deep-going than the revolution that happened ever.

Man has come to a stage where a great quantum leap is possible.

Tomorrow is in the womb of today. Take care of today and you have taken care of tomorrow. There is no need to be in any way worried about tomorrow. If you become too worried about tomorrow you have missed today. And tomorrow will come as today – it always comes as today. If you have learned this suicidal habit of missing today, you will miss tomorrow also.
Love is going to be the taste of the new consciousness.

The new man will become discontinuous with this insane past. He will believe in love, not in war. He will believe in life, not in death. He will be creative, not destructive. His science, his art – all will serve creativity.

Osho Maitri is a friendly approach to living, enhancing the vision of New Man and Woman Universally.

Our mission is to make this life an opportunity where each person can reach his/her maximum potential, he/she can grow in all aspects invading the material, creative, entrepreneur and spiritual areas.